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Tips for a stress-free move with children


Is it time for you and your family to move? Just like any other major change in your life, relocation could be a stressful experience. If you have young children, stress might be overwhelming – your kids need to be prepared for the process, so that they can stay as carefree as possible. To let your precious kids handle the move without anxiety, you should rely on a few smart and stress-free moving tips.

Here is What you Need to do to have a Stress-Free Move:

Let them know on time 

As much as you want to protect your children from negative emotions for as long as possible, serving the news at the last minute is no-go. In fact, this approach might cause even more stress than the move itself. So start preparing your little ones on time. Don’t forget, however, that the way you will bring the news is just as crucial. While discussing the move, make your kids feel safe and secure and explain the process thoroughly. That’s how they will have time to get used to the idea of the upcoming change and stress will be kept to a minimum.

Moving With Kids

Highlight all the perks 

If you manage to put an emphasis on all the perks your kids will get once relocation is complete, chances are they will start looking forward to their new home. The goal here is to help your children to focus on what they will obtain in the future, rather than think about what they are leaving behind. Highlight all the cool sides of your new house – does it have a huge backyard or maybe even a pool? If your new neighborhood offers lots of playgrounds or a fabulous amusement park, share that info with your kids. Children are curious creatures, that’s why you need to keep them interested in the perks they will get at the new place.

Visit the new place 

Whether you are moving to a new town or just a different neighborhood, take a trip with your kids before the actual move. Show them your brand-new house, visit their new school and do your best to turn the trip into a lot of fun. Once your children get familiar with the new place, they will feel less afraid of the change. Furthermore, all the fun they have will create a pleasant memory and your kids will associate the new place with something positive.

Move In With Kids

Be careful when packing 

Yes, moving the house is a stressful project for you too. There are so many errands to run and your current home is a complete mess thanks to those hundreds of boxes lying around. Still, the comfort of your kids should be a top priority, which is why you need to be cautious when packing. Despite the whole chaos that controls your place, leave your children’s belongings for last. Their favourite toys, blankets, clothes and utensils should stay out of the boxes until it’s time to load them on the moving van. Doing so will let your kids go through the change smoothly, since they will have all the loved stuff right by their side.

Be prepared to answer lots of questions 

Once your kids find out about the move, numerous questions will be asked. Those questions might seem insignificant to you, but giving thorough answers will make your little ones feel included. So, stay calm and explain everything all the way. If the reason for the relocation is a new job, tell your kids the name of your new employer. In case you have invested in a spacious house outside the city, make the children aware of interesting facts about the new town. While answering the questions, try to stay positive and optimistic – kids will pick up that vibe.

Despite the stress moving the house might cause, a new beginning could be very exciting as well. Focus on the good emotions, so that your kids can deal with the stress with ease.

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