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How to Pack and Stack Boxes When Moving

How To Pack And Stack Boxes When Moving

If packing boxes and getting ready to move, you shouldn’t just put everything in the box and forget about it. You need to pack carefully, storing the boxes the right way, or you will end up damaging what’s inside them and wasting valuable space you’d end up paying for.

Tips on How to Pack and Stack Boxes When Moving

Gather Necessary Packing Supplies

The first and most crucial step is to invest in actual boxes meant for moving. They are specifically designed for storing and moving fragile objects. The older boxes are more prone to fall apart and may pop open when you least expect it. Buy some packing tape, labels and packing paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to complete your moving arsenal.

Sort Items by CategorySort Items By Category

Assemble your first box, then pack up a small area at a time. Before you put anything inside, you should group items by size and weight, as that will allow you to pack them with safety in mind. You can put all your favourite items together if you are packing a particular room. Use bright tissue paper to wrap small knick-knacks as you move forward; that way, you can avoid accidentally throwing something away.

Fill the Moving Box Almost Entirely

For non-fragile items, you should fill out every bit of space you can without making the box too heavy to lift and move. Boxes that aren’t full may collapse when stacked, so ensure enough support inside to avoid it. Add excess packing paper if you must. For fragile items, you should provide enough packing material on the sides to prevent impact damage. Remember to fill boxes according to size, such as using larger boxes to pack lighter items such as comforters.

Take Extra Time Wrapping Breakables

Take the time to wrap your breakables properly, as this can mean the difference between seeing them in pieces and having them arrive intact. It’s better to overpack than under-pack your fragile items, such as dishes. You should put your plates and dishes into boxes on the side, but never flat. If you stack your cups and bowls, you should ensure they have enough paper and padding between each piece.

Seal and Label Each BoxSeal And Label Each Box

When you’re done packing, you should seal each box with packing tape. Do that by wrapping the tape across the top of the box with the flaps, then wrapping another piece across the top against the flaps. This will prevent the box from collapsing when stacked, which helps protect what’s inside it. In the end, remember to label each box and its contents. Labelling will help you during unpacking, making your movers work more efficiently and saving you money in the process. 

Put the Heaviest Moving Boxes on the Bottom

When you stack boxes in a self-storage unit or on the moving truck, make sure you put the heaviest ones on the bottom. That will not only give them a lower centre of gravity, but it will also protect your squishier items from getting crushed, also preventing the boxes from tipping over. This will also keep you from doing much heavy lifting in moving. If you place the heavier ones on top of lighter boxes, they will likely get crushed under pressure. If the boxes give way, the heavier items will collapse to the floor and damage whatever you have inside. Take the time to carefully stack your boxes in the most optimal way to ensure no damage is done.

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