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5 Expert Moving Tips to Reduce Stress

5 Expert Moving Tips To Reduce Stress

Most people prefer to avoid the moving process as the process is stressful, expensive, and time-taking. But the good news is that moving can be less stressful if you follow our tips. First, you should know that moving to a new house allows you to enjoy new opportunities. Let’s talk about some of the 5 expert moving tips to reduce stress and may help you move without a hassle.

Here Are The 5 Expert Moving Tips to Reduce Stress

Prepare a To-Do List

If you want to manage and get things done on time, you can’t deny the importance of making a to-do list. You should keep a notebook with you for a smooth move. The idea is to keep yourself updated about things you need to do before the big day.

 Write it down in your notebook as soon as something pops up in your mind. For instance, you should note down all the essential dates for utility disconnection, cable box dropping off, donation centre pick-ups, etc.

After completing the list, we suggest you also mark these tasks on the calendar. Again, meeting a few daily tasks is a good idea instead of doing 30 things simultaneously.

Prepare A Checklist

Prepare a Checklist

Another way to reduce your effort is to prepare a moving checklist. Having a moving list is essential if you want to follow specific steps. This approach will help you take care of tasks you may need to remember.

You can search for a ready-made moving checklist on the internet that can save a lot of time. Then, you must copy the checklist and make changes based on your personal preferences.

Don’t Pack Items From All the Rooms at Once

When you are getting ready to move, you may find it overwhelming to pack your belongings, such as your furniture and knickknacks. But you can reduce your stress by collecting items from your house room by room.

So, you must pack your stuff from one room at a time. If you follow this route, you can keep your stuff organised and save plenty of time when unpacking. In addition, you can get help from your friends and family members to speed up the process.

Pack as Soon as You Can

One of the 5 expert moving tips to reduce stress is to pack as soon as you can. You can skip packing your stuff. Instead, all you need to do is start packing as soon as possible. But first, you need to start sorting your belongings, which is an essential organisational step.

Grab a couple of storage containers and label them “donate”, “sell”, “toss”, and “keep”. Then it would be best if you went through each of your rooms, collected items, and put them in the corresponding storage container.

Remember to write the name of the room from which the stuff is collected. For instance, you should write “kitchen” or “bedroom” next to the term “toss” or “donate” The idea is to help you unpack in no time and replace the items in the correct room.

According to experts, you should be minimalist when tossing and donating your unwanted stuff. Generally, consider donating or throwing it away if you last used something for 12 months or more.

Label Each Storage Box

Packing unwanted stuff is not a good idea. After all, why do you want to pack things you don’t need anymore? Donating, selling or tossing items you don’t need is a good idea.

Label Each Storage Box

If you are going to label boxes for different rooms, make sure to be specific. After all, you want to avoid glaring at a mystery box while unpacking your stuff in your new house. So, having a labeling system is a stroke of genius.

Suppose you have four bedroom boxes. Now, what you need to do is write down on the box the items it contains. Alternatively, you can write bedroom #1, #2, and #3 and then write down the names of each box’s items in your notebook.

Following these 5 expert moving tips to reduce stress can help you save time when unpacking your stuff. Another approach is to pack similar stuff and put random things in a separate box.

In short, if you want to reduce stress on a moving day, follow these tips.

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